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Walk-in Cooler

In Enjemad System Gharb Tehran Industrial Refrigeration Group, walk-in coolers are produced and supplied to the market in different dimensions and various sizes due to the costumers’ orders. Small walk-in coolers can be used in chain stores, hotels, restaurants, Pharmaceutical units and research and educational institutions in order to keep perishable products. Above and below zero walk-in coolers can be assembled quickly in the installation location and designed in needed dimensions containing the body made from polyurethane insulator in different thicknesses covered by the galvanized color sheet or the stainless steel. Above and below zero walk-in cooler doors are made from polyurethane insulator in two different types, i.e. hinged or railed and installed on walk-in coolers in the installation location.

These doors are equipped with the heating element which always maintains the elasticity of the around the door rubber at different temperatures.

The temperature range of the walk-in coolers designed and manufactured by Enjemad system Co. is from minus 40 to 10 degrees Celsius.


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